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Saturday, February 11, 2006 

"A Good Relationship With Bloggers" Part Deux

We already know that Minnesota Republican bloggers are nothing more than appendages of the MN GOP. Now, we have news that the big national conservative blogs will be soon, if they're not already, controlled by the national GOP.

Yes, conservative friends, the GOP is "using" your blogs.

If you want some independence and diversity of opinion in your reading, read some blue-tinted blogs. If you want party-line hackery, read some red-tinted blogs.

Most MOB blogs aren't controlled by the MN GOP, but many - such as Mitch Berg - are willing parrots.

There are several anonoblogs (and one former anonoblog, Michael Brodkorb) where the blogs are probably authored by paid party operatives. Other blogs - especially Andy Aplikowski's Residual Forces are seen by many gop operatives as hurting the party.

With democratic blogs, if Dump John Kline blog turns out to be operated by paid Coleen Rowley staff, or DFL staff, that's a problem. MN Publius and MN GOP Watch are reliable spouters of Democratic party line material.

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