Saturday, March 11, 2006 

Quiet Saturday

Other than Slobodan dying, it's a pretty quiet, so don't expect anything for the rest of the day. As Atrios says, don't shoot anyone in the face or commit any refund fraud.


Bruininks Gets 10% Raise

People ought to be paid what they're worth. Minnesotans can decide for themselves what this guy is worth, but I'll bet that when Brian wakes up he'll have something to say about it.

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Media Shenanigans

If you see a headline like "Court backs student's 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' banner'", what would you think without reading the article?

You'd think, "those damn activist judges; they're pro-bong hits!"

You'd be wrong. It's an issue that ties together free speech, the Constitution, students' rights, government overreach. It's something that most of us would consider a great ruling, because we think that everybody has rights, even students. But when it's presented like a former bong-hitting hippie activist judge's ruling of a lifetime, it becomes that in people's minds.

My point is that media bias doesn't have to start with a reporter (or editor, in this case - I have no idea who writes the headlines for thinking "how can I make people think _________?" It's often far more subtle, even unintentional., and even when it doesn't precisely follow a left-wing/right-wing split, it still rarely ends up well.

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Friday, March 10, 2006 

MyDD Links to NSP

I've been meaning to mention it for a couple of days but kept forgetting, but the other day MyDD listed NSP as Minnesota's entry under "state blogs" (on the left sidebar).

MyDD, for those who don't know, is one of the oldest, largest, and most well-known and -respected progressive blogs in this country. It can count among blogs it has inspired names like Daily Kos, which lists it as its "blogfather"; Kos, of course, is usually considered the largest blog on the planet. Thus, this blogger considers it an enormous honor to be linked to. A hearty thank you to MyDD and Jerome Armstrong.


Kos Rebuts Kennedy, MDE

Kos has responded to Mark Kennedy, MDE, and Minnesota Republicans who have asked the genius question "why has Amy Klobuchar's ad on Daily Kos gone away?" The answer, shockingly, is that her ad buy expired. As one commenter puts it, "They must wonder why the classified section of the newspaper isn't growing out of control."

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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Phelps Bill One Step Closer

The bill to ban protests near funerals has passed the House unanimously. MNCR has some thoughts; here is the Strib's report.

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Satire's Aim Goes Wilde

Satire gets some leeway in political discourse that other forms do not. Wendy Wilde's Tim Pawlenty blowjob comment is clearly not meant seriously and pokes fun at/points out the hypocrisy of something that really deserves to be noted.

That said, I join my colleagues MNCR and MDE in saying that this post is too much. One of the basic ideas of satire is that it's supposed to be subtle, and this is anything but. I go after MDE all the time for saying stuff less stupid and offensive than this, so I'll say to Wendy Wilde: we don't need this kind of stuff in our blogosphere. Believe it or not, MDE isn't the only one who can lower the level of the debate.

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NSP Makeover

I've remade NSP's template to make it a little less generic-looking. If anything's broken, can be improved, or if you just have an idea, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Ford Bell on MyDD

Jonathan Singer of MyDD has posted (almost two days ago now) an interview with Senate candidate Ford Bell.

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Even Newer Straw Poll Results

With 82.8% reporting:

U.S. Senate
Klobuchar 76.9%
Bell 15.8%
Other/Undecided 7.2%

Hatch 38.5%
Lourey 22.5%
Kelley 22.4%
Other/Undecided 9.8%
Doran 6.5%
Savior .3%

Attorney General
Entenza 81.7%
Other/Undecided 18.3%

Secretary of State
Other/Undecided 41%
Ritchie 38%
Sande 15.7%
Franson 5.3%

State Auditor
Otto 46.6%
Other/Undecided 41.1%
Edwards 12.3%

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006 

Caucus Results

As soon as straw poll results are announced, they will be posted here.

UPDATE: According to Checks and Balances with 70% of the votes counted:

Klobuchar 77.1%
Bell 15.7%
Other 7.2%

Hatch 38.4%
Lourey 22.7%
Kelley 22.2%
Doran 6.6%
Other 9.7%
Savior .3%

Attorney General
Entenza 82.2%

Secretary of State
Ritchie 38.2%
Sande 15.6%
Other 40.9%
Franson 5.3%

Otto 47.1%
Edwards 12.2%
Other 40.6%

UPDATE 2: has newer results. What a great new blog by the DFL; hats off to their fine work in setting it up.

UPDATE 3: No newer results as of this morning.

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I've been extremely lax in promoting the caucuses, so this is where I try to make up for it. I mean one thing and one thing only: get to your local caucus and participate, no matter what your party.

Who? Just about anybody who's eligible to vote and plans on supporting DFL candidates.
What? Precinct caucuses; to understand them a little better, click here.
Where? For the DFL, here, for the IP, here, for the Greens, here, and for the GOP, here.
When? Tonight starting at 7:00 PM.
Why? A really bad summary by MPR is here, a little more from the Strib is here.

Get to your caucuses and actively participate. Because a relatively small number of people attend, each person holds a relatively great amount of influence over their party's direction.

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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Kirby Puckett

I'd say something about Kirby Puckett, but I don't feel that this is the appropriate venue. Instead, go ahead and read a couple of personal memorials from MN Publius and Northern Debater.

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Caucuses: Post #2

I'm a terrible blogger for not really having written anything about the caucuses; Brian helps me play some catch-up.

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Solomon Amendment

I don't know how many people care, but the Supreme Court just upheld the Solomon Amendment in the face of a legal challenge by many law schools. It'll be interesting to see the ramifications of this - I doubt they'll be limited to just these institutions.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006 

Smearing the Vets

Powerline's latest (too embarrassed to link to it, but the URL is calls Congressman Jack Murtha, a Korean War and Vietnam War veteran and one of the most pro-military members of Congress, a "crank" for, among other things, advocating getting out of Iraq. I have no doubt, however, that Powerline continues to staunchly support the troops and our esteemed veterans. They're great people like that, of course.

UPDATE: Others noticed as well; Think Progress has a solid rebuttal.

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