Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Reducing the Rancor

The Strib has an article in this morning's paper about the Task Force on Legislative Reform, a bipartisan project organized by the conservative Center for the American Experiment to reduce the...turmoil in the Legislature over the past few years. The group's full report is here, but as it runs 32 pages, it might not be worth the read. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to read it fully either. I wish I had more to tell you, but until I get the report read...that's it.

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MyDD Interview with Amy Klobuchar

Great interview with Amy Klobuchar on national blog MyDD today. Check it out.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006 

Culture of Corruption Comes Home

Washington isn't the only place suffering from a culture of corruption. Some of the people we're sending to St. Paul are also pretty scummy.

Surprisingly, despite his district and his status as Speaker Pro Tempore, Davids' seat is not a particularly safe one. His last two opponents, Al Hein in 2002 and Peggy Hanson in 2004, earned 46.5 and 47.5%, respectively. Sen. Bob Kierlin's (R-30) retirement this year may give the DFL a chance to contest these two swing seats. I'm not sure, however, who (if anyone) is running in either.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 


People say liberals are anti-military, anti-soldier. What do those people think of this?

The funny thing is, this guy's not all that far from the Pat Robertsons and James Dobsons of the Republican Party.

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Hypocrisy Watch: Ron Carey & MDE

MDE and Ron Carey go after Becky Lourey on her "big government health care plan." It's all well and good, but which party, do you think, is really interested in "tak[ing] choices away from doctors and patients"? Sound like the party of anti-choice to you?

In fact, the Minnesota GOP and its politicians don't seem to have a lot of ideas to get more people covered by health insurance. Tim Pawlenty doesn't have any leadership on this issue - his best solution is to shift the burden to individuals by pushing HSAs.

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Monday, February 20, 2006 

New Candidate for Governor

Oh boy, Russ Koch sure is going to go over well for the endorsement and primary. The game's half over by this point; we already have a conservative DFL candidate for governor in Kelly Doran - why even bother, Mr. Koch?

Oh, and I like how he's an unsuccessful legislative candidate, but he think he's got the stuff to be governor. Nice one.

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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

"Readjusting their sights"'s top story right now is "Readjusting their sights". It has a little bit of analysis on how the Cheney shooting story has dominated all week and is hastening the slide into lame-duckness. It looks balanced, for all you conservatives, but paints a bleak picture of the Bush Administration's effectiveness for it's last three or so years in office. It's similar to what was written here on Thursday.

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Battle for the 6th

The Strib has a couple of pretty good writeups about the race for the Minnesota 6th CD, mostly focusing on the Republicans. If you're interested in the race at all, it's well worth checking them out here and here.

What's most striking when I read these articles is what total wingnuts these four Republicans are. Consumption taxes? Federal amendments banning abortion? The miserably failed Social Security privatization scheme? Flat taxes? Abolishment of the Education Department? Repeal of the 16th Amendment? I think these people have lost it. In addition to what absolutely terrible ideas many of these are, the fact that they're having to scream them to all who will listen indicates their rightward dive to win the endorsement and suggests an opening for a moderate like Tinklenberg to walk in and take the election.

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End of the World

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