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Thursday, February 16, 2006 

Cheney Shoots a 78 Year Old Man!

You know, right after the shooting occurred, it looked like it would be a Leno/Letterman/Stewart punchline for a day or two and fade away. Instead, it's dominated news cycle after news cycle all week. It's up to fate to some degree at this point, since Cheney has said what he's going to say and Bush has backed him up, and I doubt the story goes much further than this. Still, its shelf life has undoubtedly hurt the administration and Bush's and Cheney's approval ratings. It shows, on a simple, personal, non-political level that Cheney's not quite level with us, and that Bush doesn't have a problem with that.

CNN.com current headline:

President: Cheney 'profoundly affected' by shooting

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