Thursday, October 13, 2005 

Star Trib Makeover

My one and only complaint about the new Star Tribune website layout is that there's no dedicated politics section. I'll miss that - I hope they'll put it back. Haven't seen a paper copy yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 


A Contract with America - one that we intend to honor, unlike the Republicans - will work wonders. May this be the first step towards a Democratic win in 2006.


We Hardly Knew Ye

The fall special session is all but dead.

One of the Legislature's first acts of the (1st) 2005 special session was to adjourn immediately after the session's start at midnight; at the time, I called it their giving Gov. Pawlenty the finger. It seems to have happened again, only this time in advance of the session. There are certainly worthy items on the docket (or the "menu"?), but it seems unlikely that they are so important as to merit a special session in and of themselves.

This whole build-up and letdown are just more signs that Gov. Pawlenty can't get the job done. First he allowed his government to shut down and is now unable to get his own party in line for a special session. What will he fail at next?

Monday, October 10, 2005 

Mike Unhatched

EXCELLENT work by Minnesota Republicans Exposed.


Knocking on Randy's Door

Sen. John Kerry was in town today stumping for Chris Coleman, the next mayor of St. Paul. I meant to go to this, but I couldn't get away. The Strib has the story.

UPDATE: MPR too, if you're interested.

Sunday, October 09, 2005 


There's a fascinating article (no link) in this month's Minnesota Monthly about Sen. Sheila Kiscaden (I-Rochester). Kiscaden is a former Republican who was defeated in a primary in 2002, was re-elected to her Senate seat as an independent, and continued to caucus with the GOP until Minority Leader Dick Day kicked her out. Since, she has caucused with the DFL, continuing to hold a moderate line on most issues. Today, Lori Sturdevant has an article discussing the lack of women holding higher office, highlighting Sen. Becky Lourey's run for office and mentioning Kiscaden. Either of these two would make great statewide officials. Check out the article; it's worth a read.

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