Friday, September 16, 2005 

Fran Bradley Strikes Back

Troubling news from the SE corner of the state. Rep. Fran Bradley (29B) is about as odious a Republican as they come. He's well known for his committee antics (he's the chairman of H&HS), among other things, and took more money in per diem during the 2005 special session than any other House member. His 2004 challenger, Rochester school board member Kim Norton, came within a hair's breadth of beating him last fall (50.77%-49.13%) and is apparently running again.

This kind of hypocrisy has become standard procedure for Republicans. Lets beat Bradley and the rest next fall.

Oh, and I don't think it's even a well-written letter. Nice one, Fran. Try again, buddy.

Thursday, September 15, 2005 

Speech to the Nation

Watching Pres. Bush's address right now. My take on it is that it is nothing more than an attempt to distract the nation from Bush's unprescedented failure by refocusing attention on rebuilding efforts. Not much of any substance here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Anxiously Awaiting November

All I can say is chalk one up for the good guys.


Three Cheers

Today, I am proud of George W. Bush. He screwed up, and he admitted it. I don't expect perfection from the President, from Congress, from the Governor, from the Legislature; I do expect a good-faith effort and I expect people to take responsibility for their failures and mistakes. Today, for perhaps the first time in his almost five years, George W. Bush showed some real leadership, even if he had no other option. I wish I could be more optimistic that this is a sign of things to come.

Monday, September 12, 2005 

Incompetence On Parade

It's about time. In resigning, Brown has admitted that he was both unqualified and bungled the Katrina preparation/relief efforts. Let no one forget, however: the buck stops at the desk of George W. Bush. At the end of the day, Bush is ultimately responsible for the atrocious handling of the disaster in the Gulf.

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