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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Battle for the 6th

The Strib has a couple of pretty good writeups about the race for the Minnesota 6th CD, mostly focusing on the Republicans. If you're interested in the race at all, it's well worth checking them out here and here.

What's most striking when I read these articles is what total wingnuts these four Republicans are. Consumption taxes? Federal amendments banning abortion? The miserably failed Social Security privatization scheme? Flat taxes? Abolishment of the Education Department? Repeal of the 16th Amendment? I think these people have lost it. In addition to what absolutely terrible ideas many of these are, the fact that they're having to scream them to all who will listen indicates their rightward dive to win the endorsement and suggests an opening for a moderate like Tinklenberg to walk in and take the election.

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