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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Everybody Wrong

Hallelujah, Ciresi's not coming into the race. It'll sure make for an interesting 2008 if he decides to run, but I'm just ecstatic that he's not trying to do it this year.

I have nothing at all against Ciresi, by any means; in fact, I know next to nothing about the guy. I just think there's a time and a place for entrance into a race, and when it's in the final stages, as this one is, that window has passed. For Ciresi to enter now, or even in the past couple of weeks, would have been a major shake-up of a primary race that was winding down, and instead of a strong candidate for the DFL coming out we would have had a dogfight until the last possible second. The continuing race between Ford Bell and Amy Klobuchar is healthy - they've both been in the race for a while now, and despite my endorsement of Klobuchar, I hope the best candidate wins.

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