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Sunday, February 05, 2006 

Franken Rocks

Is MDE joking? In the referenced interview, Al Franken challenges the paper's interviewer and finds him unprepared and either inept or a liar, as evidenced by the first Abramoff question. He shows some spine by refuses to take the crap that the interviewer throws at him. It's a perfect example of bad journalism and of a smart (possible) candidate.

Decide for yourself. Is calling your interviewer out on being stupid acting "flustered"?

Interviewer is stupid...Franken is way cool...bright, articulate...MDE is jealous, it's eating away what's left of his judgement. He can spin, and duck, and quack but Franken still wins.

Interviewer did in fact have his facts straight, but did not come fully prepared (he is afterall a college student still learning) and in typical Franken fashion he bullied him.

Will we see Franken do a followup interview and some show some class after being show the truth, I wouldn't hold my breath.

I for one REALLY hope Franken runs as he will defeat himself with his poor manners.


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