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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Breaking News

Republican Minnesota continues the flaming hypocrisy, condeming queenmaking on the part of the DFL, even after the party that he represents has absolutely cleared the field for Mark Kennedy. No field-clearing, king/queenmaking, or whatever you want to call it has taken place on the DFL side of the Senate race.

Since your grasp of politics seems weak, RM, let me lay it out for you. People start running in endorsement contests and primaries, and if they don't have enough support, they drop out to save time and money. Amy Klobuchar has shown herself to be the best candidate, and is now the nominee presumptive. Mike Ciresi considered his options, realized that Klobuchar has a near-lock on the endorsement and his entry would have been counterproductive to the DFL's chances in the general election. No queenmaking, unless RM has a single shred of evidence of his ridiculous speculation that the DFL promised Ciresi a free ride in 2008.

BONUS hypocrisy: RM talks about "spoiled rich Democrats" on the ballot, referring to Kelly Doran and Matt Entenza. This from a blogger representing a party which represents the interests of the rich almost exclusively. Newsflash, RM: Kelly Doran earned the money that he now has, growing up far from wealthy and working to put himself through school. Is the American dream only for Republicans?

DOUBLE BONUS HYPOCRISY: Republican Minnesota calls DFLers.org a partisan "attack blog". Hey, RM, even if it is (which it's not), at least they're getting paid to write it!

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