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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

"A Good Relationship With Bloggers"

Strib's got an article today about the new DFLers.org blog. It's a good article, but here's the punchline:
Although the state Republican Party does not have its own blog, [MN GOP communications director Mark] Drake said it has a good relationship with bloggers across Minnesota who promote the ideas and messages of the GOP. (emphasis mine)
Ever wondered why blogs like Republican Minnesota and MDE spit out GOP press releases, line by line, on any given day? Republicans literally count on them as their own blog, using them to get out the talking points. It's why we never have nor never will see any serious criticism of the party, its people, or its policies from Republican bloggers - they're too far in the GOP's pocket. Think back - how much criticism have you ever seen a right-wing blog throw at anything but a Democrat?

When you read a blog like this one or any of the other left-wing blogs on the blogroll, you're reading something that's the opinion of the author, not just a press release, because I know that if you want to read straight-up press releases, you can easily find them. This blog is here to provide original analysis of and commentary on politics. That's a little harder than parroting, Republican blogs - take note.

Just because the Republican Party has embraced the new media doesn't not mean the new media will not criticize them. And frequently does.

Unless you live in your own echo chamber you will see that.

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