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Thursday, February 09, 2006 


Republicans in the Minnesota blogosphere are the classiest people I know.

To the people at Kool Aid Report: this is unbelievably offensive. I demand that the Nazi images be taken down immediately and that you issue an apology. I absolutely condemn the Rowley campaign's Kline image but that doesn't hold so much as the tiniest sliver of justification for this. You should be ashamed of yourselves - even from Republicans, I honestly expected better.

Absolutely disgusting.

Satire has a long and honored tradition in politic commentary and is being well used here.

The images that sparked this obviously humourous contest where definately not intended as political satire or humor.

Perhaps in a few more years you might begin to understand the difference.


Satire can still be offensive, and this is. That it's satire doesn't change the fact.

Sometimes one needs to greatly offend to make the satirical point. Rowley and her campaign are obviously far too stupid and must be ridiculed to the fullest extent possible KAR has done a masterful job.

That this offends your weak kneed sensibilities only makes the point better.


The Kool Aid Report blog is nothing but a string of idiotic posts by some basement-bound cretin who creams his jeans if his site gets more than one hit a month.

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