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Wednesday, April 12, 2006 

Spending Other Peoples' Money

Republicans are responsible for having spent a whole lot of our money today.

In Minnesota, the House passed a $949 million bonding bill, the whole point of this year's legislative session. This is good news, and it appears to be a pretty good bill. It spends a little less than the Senate's $990 million package, but it's a lot more than Gov. Pawlenty's $845 million proposal. While important, a bonding bill's success isn't a foregone conclusion - in the 2004 session, no bonding bill emerged, leading to a lot of Republican House members losing their seats that November.

Nationally, the federal government's spending in March was the highest in history. $250 billion spent in a single month, $85.5 billion of which was put on the national credit card. The national debt now stands at almost $8.5 trillion dollars, over $28,000 per American.

Remember, folks, your elected Republicans control the Minnesota House, both houses of Congress, and the White House. They're Republicans - fiscal conservatives, deficit hawks, budget fanatics! We elected the best stewards of our money out there. It's all the Democrats - somehow running things from the minority - who are spending all of our hard-earned dough. The only solution is to vote out the rest of the Democrats this November. Don't change horses in the middle of a record-breaking, budget-busting deficit is what I always say.

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