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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Election Day...Somewhere Else

It's once again Election Day...but unfortunately, not here. Today, voters in the California 50th are going to the polls to decide who will finish the term of criminally corrupt former Rep. Duke Cunningham. The Democratic candidate, Francine Busby, will almost certainly win a plurality of the vote, but unless she earns 50% (unlikely), the election will go to a run-off on June 6th.

Busby's strength in a Republican district shows how fed up with the GOP many voters are. People want change, and they're going to vote to get it. As this race is a something of a bellwether for Democrats' chances to take back Congress this November, NSP will be keeping track of the race throughout the evening. Polls close at 8 Pacific, 10 Central. Swing State Project has a little more information in the meantime.

UPDATE: If you're interested at all in keeping score yourself, the place to do so is here.

UPDATE: Polls are now closed. Waiting for results.

UPDATE: Results are now coming in. It looks like Busby won about 42% of the absentee vote, which is good but won't be enough to win outright tonight. Fortunately, one concern has been addressed, if the absentee ballot is the same as the normal ballots: the other Democrat in the race, Chris Young, had his name above Busby's on the ballot but doesn't seem to be benefitting much from that. Stay tuned.

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