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Monday, April 10, 2006 

Sad State of Affairs

This blogger believes that today's Republican Party is a far cry from the then-Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. It's a party that has abandoned and corrupted conservative principles for...what? For George W. Bush, Tom DeLay, Bill Frist, and all that they entail. That's a shame, because voters deserve a real choice when they go to the ballot box, and right now they don't have one. They can choose liberal, progressive, and/or centrist Democrats or they can choose the corrupted ideologies that so many Republicans subscribe to.

Today, those corrupted ideologies have cost the Republican Party a real, honest conservative.

I feel bad for Tony. I can only imagine what it might be like for Teddy Roosevelt or Abraham Lincoln in today's Republican Party, in today's politics. There really isn't a place for a conservative, and that isn't good for any of us. Unfortunately, it's worst for a guy like Tony.

I believe that the GOP is going to take a body blow this November because it has driven away the moderates, the independents, and now even the conservatives. It has made taken away the chance for voters to have a real choice, and I say again that it is a shame. I like to see progressive candidates and progressive principles succeed, but this isn't the way it should be. It should be the result of a considered, informed decision, but it won't be that way in November. Instead, it'll be the only decision. Hopefully, the fall it's headed for will help to bring the Republican Party back to its original principles. I just wish I could be more optimistic.

Thanks for the kind words. I truly appreciate them.

What Tony seems to be going through sounds very similar to what my father went through in the 80s. He saw the party he believed in sell itself out, run deficit spending through the roof, and take a tone of religiosity which he felt was not the place of government (even though he is religious). He now is a solid, but fairly conservative Democratic voter. His military experience (Vietnam era), his scientific background and his fiscally conservatism is just appalled at the current form of the GOP, and the day we invaded Iraq, was the day he swore he would NEVER vote for a republican again. He saw the lies in the Iran Contra affair, and saw the lies in this false war. The GOP should no longer claim to be the "Grand Old Party" but rather the "God's Oppressive Party" I do not blame Tony for his disappointment, I understand it, at least from my father's perspective. It took my father years to come to terms with the loss he felt, but now finds hope with the Democrats. I am not saying Tony will go down the same path, but simply saying that the GOP has been leaving its traditional base for years, and possibly is only coming to a head now.

Hye, thanks for this post. My feelings are similar to Tony's, and a graceful post like this helps keep alive my hope that Americans can still have an honest exchange of ideas.

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