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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

Official CA-50 Results Thread

As of 11:37 PM CDT (9:37 PDT), still only the absentee results have been counted. Apparently, the votes have to be brought to San Diego to be counted, so it could be a while before Election Day results start to be reported.

Election Day returns have begun to come in, albeit slowly. With 7.4% of precincts reporting, Busby's still at about 42%. The ballot still doesn't seem to be hurting her, as the other Democrat, Chris Young, still isn't doing any better than one might expect anyways. At this point, a runoff is nearly guaranteed.

Precincts reporting just took a huge spike. With over two thirds of the results in, Busby has 43.28% of the vote. The combined Democratic percentage is 44.68%. This round of results means that Busby will not win the seat tonight, but it is a good showing and gives her a good shot at the seat in June.

Another round of results has just come in. With almost 94% of the vote in, Busby is sitting at 43.89%, with the total Democratic tally at 45.23%. Congratulations to Francine Busby on a strong showing tonight; it looks like she will be facing Brian Bilbray in June. NSP will, of course, be keeping up with this race as it proceeds to the runoff.

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