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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Minnesota Goes 9/9

Like many members of the progressive blogosphere, NSP is a wholehearted supporter of the Howard Dean 50-state strategy in 2006 and 2008. The basic idea is that Democrats must contest every seat in every state. You can find information about it from the DNC or this Boston Globe article.

Minnesota, as a Midwestern Democratic-leaning state, has to be reliable if we're ever going to seriously contest anything in states like Wyoming, Mississippi, or South Carolina. This is especially true since there's only one CD in the state, the 3rd, that Democrats really don't have a reasonable chance at winning in the near future. That's why it's so exciting today that Minnesota Democrats will be fielding a candidate in every federal race this year. As Backbone Minnesota says, it's a full-court press.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Minnesota candidates:

Senate: Open - Amy Klobuchar
1st: Tim Walz
2nd: Colleen Rowley
3rd: Wendy Wilde
4th: Betty McCollum (Incumbent)
5th: Open - Too Many to List
6th: Open - Patty Wetterling/El Tinklenberg
7th: Collin Peterson (Incumbent)
8th: Jim Oberstar (Incumbent)

We can be proud of ourselves, proud of our candidates, and proud of Howard Dean's DNC today. It's time for change, and that starts at home by telling Republicans that, in Minnesota, there's no free ride.

Notes: Even the 4th CD GOP doesn't spell Michele Bachmann's name correctly. Sloppy, huh? Also, Centrisity and Moderate Left are now blogrolled; the only reason they haven't been previously is that, last time I checked, I couldn't find RSS feeds, which is a real no-no if you want your blog to be read.

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