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Friday, March 24, 2006 

Friday Round-Up

I don't usually do these, but there was enough that went on today that it's necessary.

Sen. Johnson to Apologize - gosh, folks, get over it already. I'm disappointed in Sen. Johnson for causing the whole mess in the first place, but I am quite proud of him for having dealt with it in the refreshingly upfront way that he has. Honesty about lying/exaggerating/sanding seems oxymoronic, but I say that truth is better late than never. Sen. Johnson presents a contrast to the Bush Administration, for example, which lies and then doesn't correct itself. Sadly, many of those who are so vocally calling for Johnson's head would not be nearly as forthright were the roles reversed. UPDATE: At least he's not like Ben Domenech.

Pawlenty in Iraq - take from this what you will. Quite a surprise when I read about it.

Senate Passes Bonding Bill - it's not much in the scheme of things (we'll be seeing a very different bill by the time the House passes one and the conference committee gets through with it) but it's a start. I'm proud that the DFL-controlled Senate got this moving. Doesn't look like a bad bill, either.

Medical Marijuana Considered - interesting, especially in that Sen. Kelley is carrying it. It seems so ridiculous for people in such great pain to not be able to use a drug because the government arbitrarily decides it should be illegal. It seems doubly ridiculous to try to shoot down the bill because of "enforcement concerns". It doesn't take a genius to figure out that enforcement of drug laws regarding marijuana is poor, to say the least. In this case, one would hope that the interests of people in unbearable pain are placed first.

Gopher Stadium Plan Retooled - I'm getting pretty sick of this. At this point, I (and many others, I'm sure) am ready to say forget it and move on. The Gophers' hockey loss to Holy Cross, a 1-4 upset in the NCAA tournament, doesn't make me any more enthusiastic about UMN athletics, either.

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