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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Only a Republican

Why isn't it surprising? Time and time we have seen the Bush Administration bend or break all of the rules, and we have begun to see their allies in Congress follow suit. We should be used to it now, but no matter how I try, I can't.

In the latest press release on his Congressional web site, Mark Kennedy whines about how horrible it is that he can't get an amendment passed because he didn't properly follow procedure. In fact, he's "appalled at placing procedure before policy." I'm so sorry, Mark, buddy; this is really a damn shame.

If this is what we can expect from a Sen. Mark Kennedy, count me out. Guess what? Policy must follow procedure, or we'd never get a damn thing done. If we didn't have a way to conduct business in Congress in an orderly manner, can you imagine the chaos? Mr. Kennedy, do you think that all the rules of the United States House of Representatives are there as a joke?

I haven't read the amendment that the release references, but I'd imagine it's something similar to the bill that the Minnesota Legislature just passed, and that was a bill I endorse. Thus, Kennedy's amendment was probably substantively a pretty good one, one I wouldn't mind seeing passed. I look at the issue this way: Mark Kennedy's ineptness cost the nation a law that would have improved people's lives. And instead of owning up and fixing the problem, he issued a press release whining about how it is the rules' fault.

Only Mark Kennedy and his Republican friends would be "appalled" at having to follow the rules of the office they've been elected to.

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"He has asked for forgiveness and a second chance. I think we should give it to him, and we should move on. … All of us have made mistakes. This is a big one." Tim Pawlenty on Dean Johnson...

Does MDE no longer back the Governor?


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