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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 


Tim Pawlenty's campaign committee has been violating the law repeatedly and, it seems, willfully. Sounds a little bit like the man currently holding the office he really wants, doesn't it? After all, the road to the presidency might begin with breaking campaign finance laws, but if the current president is any indication, it will end by breaking much bigger and more important laws!

Note to the Hatch, Lourey, Kelley, and Doran campaigns: jump on this.

Actually, on second thought, maybe we shouldn't be too hard on the governor. After all, it does appear he's doing his part to help keep the state's coffers full.

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Here's Becky Lourey's comment regarding this:

Becky Lourey on Pawlenty Campaign Finance Violations

“How can we trust Tim Pawlenty with the Minnesota state budget when he repeatedly fails to keep his campaign finances straight? Three times in four years he has broken faith with Minnesotans by breaking campaign rules and violating the law. His campaign violations put well-heeled interests ahead of the common interest of Minnesotans.”

And that's good, but I mean that the campaigns should make this a central theme of their messages.

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