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Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Carlson Calls Out Republicans

Former Gov. Arne Carlson has called out Senate Republicans on jeopardizing the current legislative session by ragging on the Dean Johnson/judiciary affair and filing an ethics complaint.

Look, what Sen. Johnson did was really stupid. REALLY stupid. He has, however, apologized repeatedly. Other than resignation - a route which, while tempting to call for, has been spoken against by none other than Gov. Pawlenty and Speaker Sviggum, what do all you wingers want?

Believe me, I'm pretty pissed at Sen. Johnson. I despise when Democrats do things like this, because, at this particular moment in history, it's usually Republicans who get caught on the wrong end of the argument (see Lott, Trent). I thought about calling for calling for Johnson to resign, but then I realized that would be putting politics first. Johnson is a good man, a good senate majority leader, and a great public servant. Republicans are trying to take him down because they're afraid of him, a man who left the Republican Party when he saw what it had become. We can't let them.

This ethics complaint is the perfect example of how desperate Minnesota Republicans are getting. They're scared, they're desperate, and they're lashing out at Dean Johnson because he's the only thing they can find to attack. The voters are too smart for their fake indignation; I'm confident that Minnesotans can see through the chrarade. Come Inauguration Day, we're going to have a Democratic Legislature and a Democrat in the Governor's Mansion, and the Republicans are just trying to staunch the bleeding. Can you really blame them?

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