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Thursday, March 23, 2006 

BREAKING: Doran May Drop Out

Checks and Balances is running a post saying that Kelly Doran will be dropping out of the Minnesota gubernatorial race within the next couple of days.

No information other than this, but here's the post, in its entirety.

Rumored word has just reached us of Kelly's Doran's (D) intent to withdraw from the DFL race for Governor. We understand he intends to do so via press release. The specualtion is he finally is believing the low numbers he continually sees in his polling data and no matter how much John Wodele tries to soothe his candidate the reality check has finally happened.

We wonder what Sen. Sheila Kiscaden (D-30, Rochester) will do now since she staked her wagon to Doran's train. We know that none of the other candidates have chosen their runningmates. If she is willing we believe Attorney General Mike Hatch (D), Sen. Becky Lourey (DFL-08, Kerrick) and Sen. Steve Kelley (DFL-44, Hopkins) would all be interested in her support. We know all of the campaigns had approached her to be their Lt. Governor candidate previously and it now appears she mistakenly chose Doran.

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What, nobody saw this coming??

Money can buy lots of things and build lots of shopping malls...but it can't buy the votes of millions of Minnesotans.

This is good news for Sue Jeffers! Another Democrat down.... Bad news for Tim Pawlenty. Now he has to deal with people who may not abide by the DFL nomination.


"People Before Politics"

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