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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Next Generation of DFLers

MNPublius has the goods. Only name I disagree with in either the Hotline's list or MNP's list is Ralph Remington; he just doesn't have the profile outside of Minneapolis. Yet.

Interesting to see Andy Welti on there.

Welti has a statewide (and a local) reputation as being smart and a tireless campaigner. Not that surprising, given his age. He's one of the youngest legislators since Martin Olav Sabo;couple that with his win over an established incumbent in a strongly GOP-leaning district, and one can see that he's destined for big things.

Welti belongs on that list because he is as charismatic as he is. I've met him, and I could easily see him in Congress.

The list left off some names from the original post on "On Call". Moua and Ted Mondale are on that list as well.

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