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Sunday, November 12, 2006 

Russ Won't Run

Sen. Russ Feingold announces he won't run for President.

Between him and Gov. Mark Warner of Virginia, one has to wonder what's going on. Is someone (directly or indirectly) trying to clear the field? Both of these men had reasonable shots at the nomination and had excellent PACs and related operations already in place, and their eye on the presidency was well known.

Who does this help? Probably Edwards and Obama, in their roles as the Anti-Hillary. In fact, I'd be surprised to see anyone other than one of these three be the President-Elect two years from now.

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The only way Dems lost in 2008 is if they nominate Hillary. She is toxic to much of America. I can't believe people aren't mentioning Al Gore more when discussing serious candidates. To me he is the obvious choice. Shafted in 2000, right on the war, a true visionary/leader on the environment. The anti-Hillary, so to speak...

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