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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

Calling Their Bluff

Look, according to both one of the top Republicans in the state as well as Michael Brodkorb himself, campaign staff are fair game for political attacks. It's not a door that I think ought to be opened, but the Minnesota GOP has already gone there. If John Kline goes after someone who is essentially a campaign volunteer, we can go after Mark Kennedy and Michele Bachmann for hiring Michael Brodkorb, better known as Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Michael Brodkorb isn't just fair game for political attacks by the Klobuchar and Wetterling campaigns, he's practically begging for it. Has he ever said anything on his blog that Kennedy or Wetterling wouldn't want associated with their campaigns? Too bad. Lit pieces and media buys are very much a possibility. Lets show them that turnabout is fair play.

Rew has more. So does MNCR.

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Over at MDE one of the commenters is mocking MN Publius for being broke and not getting paid enough.'

Slander on top of libel. If I ever learn that ANY liberal blog was taking money from a campaign this cycle I'll be very disappointed.

The conflict of interest is immediate and obvious but thanks to Markos Moulitsas and other top lefty bloggers we have ample precedent for dealing with these things. Markos had a prominent disclaimer at the top of Daily Kos when he was doing consulting, and most of the rest of us just quit blogging while on a campaign payroll.

Brodkorb's conflicts of interest are equally obvious, massive and troubling. How long before some eager beaver harvests ALL of MDE's pro-Kennedy posts and puts them online as an example of quid pro quo at its lowest?

If Klobuchar's campaign didn't like the material posted on my blog, then they shouldn't advertise on my blog.

Michael, grow up. I pimp-slapped you six ways from sunday when you were forced to actually discuss the law and elections, and I freely welcome the chance to bounce your sorry ass around the quad any time you want to discuss politics. Hows about you actually take on someone in the open without hiding behind your website or your stipends?

any day you want, I'll bury your weak ass and your pathetic attacks.

Only reason this is listed as anonymous is because I' not on Blogger, so I'll put my email in the comment (a more honest tactic that your sad-ass "disclosure page", you useless hack): jlease_nospam_@excite.com

For everything else, shut up, go away and shill somewhere else.

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