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Thursday, August 31, 2006 

Kiffmeyer Responding to Ritchie

Secretary of State Kiffmeyer is on the defensive, cutting a business filing fee immediately after Mark Ritchie slammed her for it. I don't buy the "been in the works for months" line, and the only other possibility is that Kiffmeyer is simultaneously running scared and running stupid by letting Ritchie and the DFL control the agenda in the race.

Kiffmeyer is undoubtedly doing "a heck of a job." She's as partisan as they come in a position that is perhaps the most necessarily non-partisan in the state. She has given contradictory advice to candidates from the two parties, with the more favorable interpretation reserved for Republicans (obviously). She has personally screwed over an IP candidate filing in CD5 and has a solid history of making voting more, not less, difficult. She needs to go, for the good of the state.

I'm a big fan of Mark Ritchie; he has the experience, the talent, and the mindset to get the job done the right way. From what I've seen, his campaign is being excellently run and, as shown by Kiffmeyer's retreat, he's well on his way to winning in November.

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Kiffmeyer announced the fee reduction on Monday, Rickie made the suggestion on Tuesday. You do the math...

Wrong. The Star Tribune article contradicts you. Ritchie made his point on Tuesday earlier in the day (the e-mail arrived in my mailbox at 2:59 P.M.) and Kiffmeyer sent the release at 10 P.M. that night. 10 P.M. seems a little late for a press release, don't you think?

There was months of planning to remove the fee, Secretary of State staff put up fliers at the business counter on Monday and started calling the major customers. Richie found out on monday and put out the release Tuesday.


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