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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Sen. Dick Day in REALLY Hot Water

Right after I finished reading the Winona Daily News article about Sen. Dick Day's staff's illegal smear tactics against SD28 candidate Steve Drazkowski, I checked to see if there had been any action on Drazkowski's Fair Campaign Practice complaint. There has been.

For those who aren't up on this stuff (which I have to assume is everyone), once you file a complaint with the Office of Administrative Hearings, the office makes a determination of a "prima facie" (on first appearance) violation - in other words, whether or not there's enough evidence presented up front to proceed with the process. If the office determines that there is such evidence, the case goes forward, if not it is dismissed. A big chunk of the complaints with the OAH seem to be rejected immediately for one reason or another, particularly because there's no prima facie evidence. However, Drazkowski's complaint against Daniel Nelson, one of Sen. Day's staffers, has been found to present a prima facie violation and will be heard by the OAH. The three-judge panel that will hear the case within 90 days could impose a fine of as much as $5,000 or refer the case for criminal prosecution. Of course, I will continue keeping up and posting on this matter.

Sen. Day could find himself in a world of hurt for this one. If he directed Nelson to send out the flier, his career, or at the very least his position as Senate Minority Leader, could be over. I'll be awaiting the results of this case. It could be the perfect example of the culture of corruption right in our backyard.

The OAH's order itself can be found here.

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Remember the Iraqi information minister as our troops were making there way into Baghdad? There are no infidels in Baghdad! We have killed all of the infadels...(as our army is blowing up buildings around him). I'm just waiting for another Day supporter to get on this website and spew that same sort of rhetoric. "Drazkowski only had 3 people walking with him in his parade, my bet is he'll be lucky to get 5% of the vote, nevermind those charges against my staffer, there are no infadels in Baghdad..."

After reading the 7/16/06 Owatonna People's Press I realize how inept Sen. Day really is. Instead of being outraged at the corruption within his own party he attacks the very man who is trying to clean it up. Day calls this scandal "bogus". Readers are expected to take comfort in Day's statement that he "had nothing to do with it". Day also predicts that this whole issue is going to go away. I hope he is referring to himself in that comment!

Believe me, let me just say that if there were to be a way to record the goings-on that happen daily in that office, we'd all see that the illegalities involving Dan Nelson are just the tip of the iceberg! DD's personal staffers are up to their necks in illegal tactics.

You people really don't know what you're talking about. I received the flyer that is in question. The flyer quoted court records which stated that Drazkowski burned his daughters underwear because he thought she was promiscuous and also that he slapped her across the face because she couldn't hold a dog dish properly. Drazkowski is clearly unfit to be in the legislature. He doesn't even have custody of his daughter anymore -- she lives with her mother after this episode. If that's the kind of person you want to defend, then what kind of a person are you?

Day's staffer Dan Miller has admitted to doing the slander mailing. There were a lot of other staffers involved as well. Read on:

The tip of the iceberg indeed!

The complaint was dismissed proving these people are a bunch of right wing nuts. Now maybe Draz's girlfriend/campaign manager, Deb Rouschen can stop posting anonymous messages everywhere.

So who has been in Drazkowski's bedroom? I suggest trying to get a photo of him and his camapign manager in the act. That would be proof we could all believe. Anything else is just "anonymous" jabber.

"...Deb Rouschen can stop posting anonymous messages everywhere." - anonymous

Anonymous is a very funny guy/gal to accuse someone of posting anonymous messages and then sign his/her own posting "anonymous". It's "Roschen" not "Rouschen". AND, the complaint was dismissed because Minnesota's campaign rules do not prohibit candidates from putting out false information and outright lies about their opponents. Under sworn testimony Nelson & Miller admitted they knew Drazkowski had been acquitted and that they took the headline from the internet - not from the Winona paper as the flyer falsely claimed. That is LIBEL, and illegal for the rest of the population, but apparently not for politicians.

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