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Thursday, June 29, 2006 


From today's "GOP Newsline" e-mail, bolded emphasis mine:

Despite Budget Surplus, Liberals Propose $2 Billion Tax Increase

Last week, 203 wealthy Minnesotans signed a full-page ad in the Star Tribune calling for a $2 billion tax increase asking the "state to raise $2 billion for various initiatives by increasing the state's tax burden for high-salary earners." (Myron Metcalf, "Some Rich Minnesotans Want To Pay More Taxes," Star Tribune, June 21, 2006)

Further, under their plan, "(s)tate taxes for anyone making less than $45,000 would not increase and the rates would vary for everyone in between [$45,000 and $250,0000]. " (Myron Metcalf, "Some Rich Minnesotans Want To Pay More Taxes," Star Tribune, June 21, 2006)

The signers of the ad include such liberal luminaries as Joel Kramer, Mike Ciresi, Mark Andrew, Ted Mondale, Teresa Daly, David Lillehaug, and Rebecca Yanish, all failed DFL candidates for office.

Governor Pawlenty responded to the ad, reminding the signers that Minnesota has a budget surplus, double-digit revenue growth, and that Minnesota has recently moved out of the top ten in the nation in taxes.

He also encouraged them to put their money where their mouthes are and challenged the ad signers to "....send checks to the state's Finance Department. In return, Pawlenty said in a news release, he would pose with each for a commemorative photo and issue them certificates of appreciation." (Mark Brunswick, "Pawlenty Encourages Ad Signers: Send A Check," Star Tribune, June 23, 2006)

Former VPOTUSes and U.S. Attorneys really suck. Losing an election once in your life* makes you a real joke, doesn't it? This isn't a big deal at all, but it just annoys me that the GOP will say anything for a little attention, no matter how ad hominem, misleading, or hypocritical.

*Does not apply to any Republican, especially Norm Coleman or John Kline.

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