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Wednesday, June 28, 2006 

Paying Attention

Attention paid to Minnesota bloggers is good, yes? Yes? Maybe. Sort of. Keep reading.

Two separate instances of this. First, MDE/Power Line.

This is the less exciting part. MDE and Power Line have been relentlessly pushing Rep. Keith Ellison's ties to less-than-upstanding groups and people, though these ties are mostly long in the past. Though the MSM has generally paid little attention, I think that Brodkorb and the Power Tools are beginning to raise some awareness. Okay. Good for them, I suppose.

The other instance is MN Publius' discovery of Rep. Mark Kennedy's scrubbing of Pres. Bush's name from his campaign website, presumably to distance himself as best he can from Bush's sinking ship. So far, Daily Kos, Hotline, and Politicalwire have picked up the story, and there is now a Star Tribune article. I love this; it has made Kennedy look desperate and dishonest all across the country, and best of all, it has put the Republican machine on defense. Unfortunately, however, I've received word from the MN Publius gentlemen that the Strib got the article significantly wrong. I have no idea, because I haven't been keeping particularly close tabs on this developing story, but they are preparing a response. I'll update this post with more information on that response later in the day.

UPDATE: MyDD, too. Okay, here we go. MN Publius has put up a ridiculously detailed and exhaustive response to the Ron Carey press release that pretty much blows his claims out of the water. Here is a little bit about the Star Tribune's misreporting of the story. The work that the MN Publius guys did to get this story is fantastic, and it deserves better than to be spun by the Star Tribune itself. Anyways, this is a perfect example of how blogs can influence the debate; with one post, MN Publius put the GOP on defense and gave the Klobuchar campaign a little more ammunition to work with. Congratulations, guys.

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Note the Strib's Eric Black's comments at: http://www.startribune.com/blogs/bigquestion/?p=97

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