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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

Pre-Gubernatorial Endorsements

There's not much left to endorse.

Months ago, back when there were several candidates for the Senate race, I threw my weight behind Amy Klobuchar's candidacy. That was the right choice at the time, and of all the candidates who have come in and out of the race, Amy is still our best candidate to run against Mark Kennedy. Heck, even Power Line loves her. Ford Bell's decision to run in the primary was a poor one, a selfish move which won't boost his own chances and will make it that much more difficult for Amy to win in November. Thus, I'm proud to continue to support Amy Klobuchar for Senate.

The attorney general's race hasn't made a lot of headlines, but it's an important one nonetheless. Fortunately, endorsing Rep. Matt Entenza is easy, and not just because he's unopposed at the convention. Entenza has proven a strong leader during his time at the helm for the House Democrats, and he'll undoubtedly continue to be one as our AG. His opponent is Rep. Jeff Johnson, and, again, though the race has largely flown below the radar it's a crucial one for DFLers this fall.

Finally, Rebecca Otto is running unopposed for the auditor nomination. Reggie Edwards has apparently dropped out (someone correct me if I'm wrong), leaving Otto the only choice. Otto has impressed me by catching errors made by current auditor Pat Anderson, which can't be easy to do while campaigning. Further, Otto is running with a promise to be an advocate in the office, something that Anderson has miserably failed to do. Once again, running unopposed makes it easy, but Rebecca Otto bags the NSP endorsement.

Check back this evening for the grand finale, the gubernatorial endorsement. Will it be Hatch, Kelley, or Lourey?

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