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Tuesday, June 06, 2006 

Endorsement: Mark Ritchie for Secretary of State

Commenter EB was right...it's Mark Ritchie over Christian Sande for Secretary of State.

I have to say that I have been impressed by both candidates in this race. Both seem highly qualified for the job. But in the end, Mark Ritchie has the experience, leadership, dedication, and passion to be Minnesota's next SOS.

Mark's experience in particular is phenomenal, and it's what sets him apart from Sande - it's too much to go over, but you can look for yourself. At the heart of his readiness to be our Secretary of State is founding of, and his work on, the November 2 campaign. As a private citizen with a non-profit, he has been doing much of Mary Kiffmeyer's job for her; just think of how much more he'll be able to do once he has her office!

The only other thing that sets Ritchie and Sande apart is their electability. Sande's campaign has seemed to focus on putting out slick little pamphlets about their candidate, while Ritchie's has worked to build an organization that will give him the ground game to beat Kiffmeyer in November. It might just be luxury that Ritchie's status as the front runner allows, but it's one of the biggest factors in landing Mark Ritchie the coveted North Star Politics endorsement.

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