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Friday, August 18, 2006 


A couple of quick hits, as I try to ease back into writing for NSP.

First, Sen. Becky Lourey was on MPR this afternoon speaking about her gubernatorial candidacy and answering questions. The radio appearance is proof that, yes, she really is alive and kicking, but she hasn't mounted a terribly strong primary challenge. However, there are rumblings that the powers-that-be aren't particularly pleased with Hatch's performance as a candidate so far; his campaign-on-the-cheap idea, relatively poor polling and smattering of bad press can't have won many doubters over. For better or worse, the odds are long that a little buyer's remorse will translate into serious support for Sen. Lourey. Still, Hatch is making a mistake in (apparently) paying so little attention to his primary challenge. Then again, Hatch seems to have been sleepwalking since the convention, and he doesn't seem to have much attention for his Republican opponent, either.

My personal beef with the AG is his extremely disappointing refusal (warning: MDE) to personally endorse DFL-endorsed AG candidate Steve Kelley. Hatch, as the endorsed candidate, has a responsibility to the DFL to support the ticket. Just as establishment DFLers are now rightly expected to support him over Lourey, Hatch must support Kelley, no matter who else is in the race. If he is truly not willing to do so, he should renounce the DFL endorsement. His waffling here makes me worry that he's not a team player, something critical for our gubernatorial candidate.

Oh, and Mike? Replace this disaster. I will do it for free, and I'm not kidding.

Tim Walz's campaign has a new blog up. We'll see how good it will be, but I'm not holding my breath. Blogging doesn't seem to be an ideal medium for campaigns, especially at the congressional level.

Gil Gutknecht is embroiled in a mini-scandal. Perhaps he doesn't understand how we truck drivers in the tubes like our internets. Of course, he might not even be on the ballot in November. Even if he is, his race is now the 39th closest in the country. Times are tough.

Finally, help Patty fund her campaign.

Note: I've done some badly needed updating of the blogroll. Several blogs that have gone quiet have been removed (does anyone remember Kelly Doran?), and I've added Bluestem Prairie to the blogroll. It's a great blog that's covering the Gutknecht vs. Walz race in the 1st CD. I haven't written much about it (see some coverage above), but it's one of the sleeper races that could be pivotal for Democrats' chances of retaking the House in 2006. I'm keeping an eye on a couple of newer blogs that are possibilities for addition as well.

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