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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Good Questions

MNPublius asks good questions of MDE today. In short, the questions are about MDE's formal involvement with the Republican Party and affiliated or other conservative organizations. Now that MDE's identity is out there, there is no good reason for these questions not to be answered in full. No matter what we might think of the site, MDE is one of the highest-trafficked and most buzz-generating Minnesota political sites, and the kind of stuff that he writes is often incendiary. It's only proper that, as the Minnesota (supposedly) non-professional blogger who most tries to muckrake like a real journalist, we should at least know who, if anyone, is paying him to do so.

UPDATE: They're good questions that Mr. Brodkorb doesn't plan to answer has answered. My apologies to him for thinking he hadn't; I misread a post. I applaud his willingness to do so; though it's my job (and MNPublius') as a blogger to ask questions, Mr. Brodkorb is under no obligation to answer them, and his doing so is a small show of good faith.

I answered their questions.

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