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Thursday, January 12, 2006 

Locked Up

Absent a real earthquake in the race (Mike Ciresi coming in, for example) it's clear that Amy Klobuchar is going to be the DFL nominee for the Senate.

patty wetterling needs to get out of that race and run for the 6cd. i dont think el tinkelberg is our best candidate and i firmly believe bachmann will get the gop nomination. patty wetterling is better fit to run for that seat again-people know her, they generally like her and feel comfortable with her. that means alot-just ask tarryl clark. i wish someone would goto wetterling and ask her to run for 6cd. i dont understand her-even ford bell could read the writing on the wall.

I agree. Wetterling just doesn't have the resources, political or otherwise, to overtake Klobuchar at this point. If she were someone else, I'd attribute her remaining in the race as a sign that she is trying to make herself heard, but she has an extremely good shot at Congress, if not the Senate. She should settle for what she can get - and if she wins this year, she would be an automatic top-tier contender for Norm Coleman's seat.

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