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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Illegal Immigration

All I've got to ask, Tim, is: how are you going to pay for it?

I don't know, maybe the nearly $1 billion surplus he created?

Many of these changes are legislative and policy changes, which require little or no cost. As for the MIIET, they'll be taken from current divisions of law enforcement. Their training costs are the only thing that need to be covered, as I understand it.

"Surplus" is the key word. How long it is actually a surplus is the unknown:

$700 million is, by law, committed to repay the money stripped from education to "fix" the deficit. "Shell game" might be a better term (i.e. pass the buck and borrow money for a short-term cure).

$400 million is in limbo due to the fee/tax gimmick.

Suddenly, despite Pawlenty's "leadership" (another term I use loosely), we again have a deficit.

Members who would join the MIIET would presumably need to be replaced; I'm assuming that there would be a net gain of ten officers, plus equipment, training, etc. Not huge, but something. Prosecuting all these new offenses that are mentioned will certainly cost a fair amount of money, and the increased police officer work will be significant, especially on already cash-strapped cities (from Pawlenty's LGA cuts).

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