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Monday, January 09, 2006 

Too Late, Boys!

According to a new study, the Republicans in Minnesota's congressional delegation are voting with Bush less often than they have in the past couple of years. A real sob story for all involved, don't you think?

Unfortunately for our friendly neighborhood Republicans, the damage has already been done. Sure, Mark Kennedy's support dropped 10%, which is a fairly big deal, but it started out at ninety-seven percent! 97% is a rubber stamp - and while Republicans will whine "but McCollum!", keep in mind that, with Democrats in the minority, that number means very little. Fact is, Kennedy, Kline, and Gutknecht are still ridiculously supportive of a ridiculously bad Bush administration. Minnesotans have already seen what a miserable failure George W. Bush is - the polls show it - and Amy Klobuchar, Colleen Rowley, and Tim Walz will have the job of linking the aforementioned trio of congressmen to Bush's record. With these numbers, it shouldn't be too difficult.

This kind of thing ought to be a part of every Democratic challenger's platform. Candidates should be asking the electorate whether they want another two years of rubber stamping of the administration's corruption, malfeasance, and general misbehavior, or if they want oversight and real checks and balances. The answer is obvious.

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