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Thursday, January 05, 2006 


People sue too much. In looking for the easy way out, looking for something for nothing, people too often turn to litigation, giving a bad name to an option which is often the only one. The lawsuit that has forced MDE to reveal himself as Michael Brodkorb seems unneccessary, as did the lawsuit by Inside Minnesota Politics. Are they? You decide. Is MDE's being forced to reveal himself a good thing? Again, you decide.

All that I really have to say I noted previously; he once quoted himself on his blog. That's nerve.

UPDATE: Story has made BoingBoing. I didn't realize that this story was really a national one.

UPDATE #2: Rochester Post-Bulletin's Jay Furst comments.

Ugh - I think this is a lot of fuss over not much.

There's nothing wrong with being anonymous. There is, however, something very wrong with being a liar, as MDE is. When somebody posing as a truth-teller lies to me, I want to know who the h they are.

(And of course, we already did know who he was long before the lawsuit - Brodkorb just didn't have the stones to admit that he screwed up.)

Still, why this story should possibly have anything to do with blogging or journalism beyond the specific facts of this case is way beyond me. The only point I can see to giving it time is to give MDE some more exposure and give Star Tribune Reporters hard-ons by getting to write things like, "the Wild West frontier of blogging."


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