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Sunday, October 23, 2005 


It looks like Minnesota Democrats Exposed may been exposed (again?). The punchline? Michael Brodkorb works used to work for the Republican Party.

UPDATE: MDE, as is his usual M.O., is issuing a neutral statement in his comments.

I'll be honest; it doesn't really matter to me who MDE is. His information is, unfortunately, almost always correct. I, as an anonymous blogger, obviously respect and defend the right to blog anonymously, as long as it isn't used as a shield to hide behind when posting lies or libel. I have never tried to ascertain MDE's identity, nor do I intend to do so. While he's very often a real thorn in our sides as DFLers, he does find dirt that, all too often, deserves to be found. In many ways, he's a model for some of what us lefty bloggers should be doing to the other side. I'm no fan of his, but I do respect him, after a fashion, and I think the rest of us should too.

UPDATE #2: If MDE really is Brodkorb, he has quoted himself on MDE. That's nerve.

Anonymous political commentary has long been a hallmark of American freedom. From the early days of this nation, revolutionary political thinkers often published anonymously for a variety of reasons, most often to protect themselves and their families from reprisal.

I would shudder to think of this nation without "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine. His words and thoughts rallied hundreds to the cause of liberty, freedom and equality during the Revolutionary War, and was instrumental in keeping the moral of the Continental Army up during the bleaker days of the struggle.

When he wrote this historic pamphlet, he sighed it anonymously. Fear of reprisal, and his belief that as a free man, he had the right to protect his own identity gave him his foundation for this belief.

Today, our children are taught of his bravery and patriotism.

No, I am not saying that MDE is Thomas Paine, or his blog is Common Sense. But what I am saying is that American politics has a long proud history of anonymous political dissent. So proud that we teach some of the most important writings to our kids.

So maybe someone knows who MDE is, but I for one do not care. Debating who he is or is not detracts from the real debate. How do we better our state? How do we continue to provide a quality education to our kids? How do we insure safe affordable healthcare to all? How do we keep the state's economy going?

The next election in Minnesota is sure to be a pivotal and monumental moment in out state's history. All eyes in this country will rest on us here. Who will win the Dayton Senate seat, and how will it affect the political landscape in the US Senate. Will Coleen Rowley or Tim Walz win in upsets? Who will replace Mark Kennedy? Will Tim Pawlenty be able to hold onto the Governorship? And will the State House or Senate flip?

Perhaps we are all best off not worrying about who is writing these blogs, and instead focus on what they are saying. The "gotcha games" grow old and dull.

And as we saw in the last election, the electorate of Minnesota has no more use for them.

Yours in anonymous political dissent.


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