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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

Total Shakeup

MDE says Mike Ciresi is entering the Senate race. This will completely and totally change the dynamics of said race. I think it'll be the death knell for the Wetterling and Bell campaigns; against two well-funded and better-known candidates, they just lack the resources and position to compete. The Klobuchar campaign, which until now seemed to have a clear shot at the nomination and a primary win, must be very worried, though it's not clear which side in a Klobuchar vs. Ciresi face-off has the advantage. One thing's for sure, though: Ciresi is entering this race relatively late, as Klobuchar already has a lot of money, a lot of endorsements, and a lot of support among the party faithful.

More soon.



Great! Because with Kelly Doran out of the Senate race we needed another rich white guy to keep the party from uniting behind a candidate early. Fuck Ciresi.

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