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Monday, November 28, 2005 


I've kept quiet on this for quite a while, but today it's just too much.

I abhor this kind of stuff.

Everyone says that it's extremely difficult to run for office these days, and for a guy like Kelly Doran, who's extremely successful at what he does, to run for any office - much less to run for governor of Minnesota - is a very big deal. Thus, whether or not we choose Mr. Doran as our candidate for governor or not, I'm impressed and grateful that he's running. I'm a proponent of a big tent party; I believe that our best chance for a progressive future is to accept those in our party who disagree on some issues if they believe, at their core, in the same ideals. While Mr. Doran probably leans to the right of this blogger, I don't think that's a reason to label him a Democrat-in-name-only and write him off as a candidate. I think that while Doran may not be the best choice in this race, he has a bright political future; he's not that old (47), he's got lots of money, and he seems to have the political ear. He's got opportunities ahead to establish himself politically. He'd be perfect for a job like state auditor, if he's interested, which could be a stepping stone to the governor's office. Doran seems honest and genuine, which is more than we can say about some politicians on both sides; I believe that he's running because he wants to make Minnesota a better place.

DFL Governor, contrary to his name, makes it seem like he wants a Republican to be governor of this state. We should be criticizing rather than name-calling, always remembering that the goal in 2006 is to have a DFLer elected. Think a Democrat is too conservative? Fine, say so. Don't rip him or her apart unless you've got an awfully good reason.

UPDATE: This kind of stuff gets exploited by our opponents, to not just the candidate's but also the party's detriment.

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