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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 

Election Day - Again

As I've neglected to mention and MN Publius has reminded me, it is an election day again. We've got two MN Senate special elections in SDs 19 and 43.

Keep track of the results here. So far, we're getting smoked in SD19 while we're leading by a small margin in SD43.

UPDATE: MN Politics Guru says it better than I could.

UPDATE #2: John Deitering, the DFL candidate from SD19, has lost by about 1400 votes, with a very strong showing (over 16%) by the Independence party candidate. Thanks for running. Mr. Deitering.

UPDATE #3: Terry Bonoff, the DFL candidate, has won the SD43 seat! Congratulations, soon-to-be-Sen. Bonoff! This is a big win, almost 10% and almost 1000 votes. A one-seat pickup in the Senate tonight? I've got no complaints.

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