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Sunday, November 20, 2005 

Business Communities

MDE has a post about Sen. Tom Bakk's (DFL-Cook) reasons for throwing his support behind Kelly Doran rather than Mike Hatch. The important quote is:

"To win, we will need some support from the business community and I think with Hatch that would be tough. He's taken plenty of businesses on and so support for him will be problematic."

This seems like an awfully stupid reason to me. Hatch has gone after businesses that, for better or worse, he believed were violating the law. Businesses have nothing to fear from Hatch or other Democrats unless they're doing something wrong (or giving the appearance of doing so). Sen. Bakk would also do well to remember that businesses have lots of money, but no votes. It'll be an expensive race, sure, but ultimately it doesn't matter how much support Hatch or Doran has in the business community, it matters how many of those who work for those businesses support one or the other. Those workers might even appreciate a man who goes after those who commit corporate crime; stranger things have happened.

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