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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Klobuchar Online Ad Buy

I'm seeing Amy Klobuchar ads on Daily Kos. I haven't seen these before, and I'm assuming they're new. This signals an interesting move for the campaign in that she's moving to fundraise/appeal to a nationwide audience. Are Klobuchar's Minnesota donors tapped out? Does she feel that the primary election is so well locked up that she can afford to focus on the general?

UPDATE: I'm told that Klobuchar announced an online ad buy today at an energy policy speech at the U; this is obviously it. I'll see if I can get more details on this later.

UPDATE #2: Not much, but here's an article.

The online ads have been up all over the place for perhaps a week now. Struck me as a smart move to up her name recognition among a large group of savvy and politically active folks around the country, in part in preparation for national fundraising, which will have to be there, and will be there, given how much money the senate race will demand. It's not a matter of being tapped out in Minnesota: there's simply not enough money in the state to fund what will be an exceptionally expensive race.

I believe Klobuchar announced a radio ad yesterday, not this online ad, though the radio ad will obviously be available online as well.

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