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Tuesday, November 08, 2005 

Election Results

Mayor Coleman:

Everything went as well as we could possibly have imagined. 69-31. Wow. I swung by the victory party, and it was great. A lot of very happy people there. Adding to all of this tonight is all the national coverage this race got tonight, some of it being here, here, and here.
(UPDATE: And here)

Gov. Corzine:

I can't say I'm terribly impressed; New Jersey's a pretty blue state for us to be losing in. Then again, Massachusetts and New York have Republican governors. It's a good win for Corzine and one that the rest of us needed. Now we need to keep NJ's Senate seat after 2006 - it may not be easy.

Gov. Kaine:

This is the one we should really be partying about. A good Democrat elected in a very red state. It's likely that this will be something of a bellwether for 2006, one that looks very ominous for Bush (who was in Virginia stumping for Kilgore last night) and the Republicans. In your face, Mr. President!

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