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Thursday, November 03, 2005 


Sen. Coleman, I swear on my honor that if you vote for ANWR drilling, I will devote every waking moment of the next three years to not just defeating but CRUSHING you in 2008. You promised the people of Minnesota this, flat-out and unqualified. You will be a liar and a hack if you go back on it now. Vote for Sen. Cantwell's amendment and vote against the budget if it fails. We're watching.

It passed. Coleman voted against it.

So now that Senator Coleman voted for the failed amendent and against the budget, what reason will you use to trash him?

Voting against giving the government the authority to negotiate for lower Medicare prescription drug prices like the VA does? Voting against affordable housing? Being the deciding vote to allow a huge giveaway to HMOs? Is that good for starters?

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