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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Doran Garners Endorsements

The Strib is reporting that Kelly Doran picked up several northeastern state politicians' endorsements over the weekend. For Doran's campaign, that's a pretty big deal: as far as I can tell, these are the only politicans above the local level that have endorsed Doran. Compare this to Mike Hatch's list (warning: Hatch's website is awful) of endorsements. I'm a little bit surprised by this move; it's not clear to me what Doran would offer to northeastern Minnesota that Hatch wouldn't. There's obviously something that went on behind the scenes here to cause this group to endorse Doran.

It's still relatively early in this race - still a year out with at least one major candidate (Becky Lourey) yet to officially declare - but Doran had better move quickly or he's going to lose the endorsement and the primary. His name recognition still seems to be pretty low, and it's not clear how much the ad buy that the article mentions helped (I didn't see a single ad).

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