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Thursday, December 01, 2005 

Brilliant Bush

I'm sorry, but any time you've managed to use the words "brilliant" and "President Bush" in the same sentence, you have screwed up somewhere along the line (WARNING: Power Line Link).
It is a little-known fact, I'm afraid, that, in a series of speeches extending over a period of years, President Bush has articulated his policy vision more consistently and more eloquently than any President since Lincoln. His speeches have, for the most part, gone unheard, unread, and uncovered by the mainstream media.
These people are honestly so far out of touch with the kind of reality I'm used to that it takes my breath away. Bush, more eloquent than anyone since Lincoln? Have you ever heard this from ANYONE else?

If the good folks at Power Line keep this up, they might just snag themselves a SCOTUS nomination when Alito withdraws.

Yeah, you are right. All of the people who voted for Bush are so far out of touch with reality that it takes your breath away. How many votes did he win by again? Oh that's right, I forgot; he stole the election. Go ahead and continue to think that you and your nipple-piercing, total-body-tattoo bretheren are the "mainstream" of America. Everyone else is laughing at ya.

Power to the People, Man!

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