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Thursday, December 15, 2005 

SD63 Oopsie

I've had SD63 on my blogroll for a while, though I'm not entirely sure why. I added it to my daily reading list the other day, though, and, while commenting on Jerry's latest post, I noticed this:
H/T MDE: Not all protestors are too intelligent.
He's referring to a protest sign which read: "Imagine" if Bush were'nt president".

Is spelling a particularly big deal in the blogosphere? No, and I think that's unfortunate - you'll very rarely find a spelling error or particularly serious grammatical error on NSP, because I take the writing seriously. Should you spellcheck your damn post before you insult other people's intelligence? I sure think so. Who's the idiot now?

UPDATE: The Dictionary.com definition of protestor.

Try a dictionary or the spell checker next time. Both are accepted.


I believe that you wanted the M-W definition not the dictionary.com definition. The dictionary.com link points to a word not found page. Not really what you were looking for. Unless you were trying to point out that dictionary.com is not as authoritative as M-W. In which case I would concur.

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