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Saturday, December 10, 2005 


These people honestly do not want us voting. To the conservatives/Republicans who read this blog: is there anything that could make this okay?

I'm confused...how exactly does this prevent you from voting?

Does it intimidate you to not going to the polls?

Does it lock you in your home and not let you out on the day of the vote?

How does this prevent you from voting?


Just because there is a MEMO floating around that some lawyers drew up does not make the redistricting plan illegal…it CLAIMS that is was illegal, but that does not MAKE it illegal. In fact, the article goes on to state that there was a three-judge panel that REJECTED the claim that it was illegal. Now it will be going to the SCOTUS to be ruled on.

Politics is a struggle for power…plain and simple. Everything that is done is done to amass more power and more control. The Democrats would do, and have done, the same thing.

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