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Monday, December 12, 2005 

Question for Sue Ek

Just a quick question for Ms. Sue Ek of St. Cloud/St. Paul: why are you still in this race?

Ms. Ek, even if the MN Supreme Court rules in your favor (which, based on my understanding of the law, it probably won't) you'll almost certainly lose the election. Voters won't think they can trust you; your credibility has already been deeply undermined by this debacle, win or lose the court battle. If you leave now, a small chance remains for a Republican to take the seat, but if you stay, you give the next candidate (should there be one) a smaller timeframe in which to campaign. If the Supreme Court rules against you, you'll be extremely lucky to escape criminal charges.

This whole affair has bad news written all over it for you. Withdraw now, and things will turn out better for everybody.

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